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Line Underline is a project by Brazilian graphic designer Marcio Pontes. It's a collection of high-quality Prints and Screen Prints handcrafted in Amsterdam. The main inspirations come from the worlds of abstract geometric art and graphic design combined with eye observations on architecture, nature, and the cities. 

Each line is digitally designed to the smallest details and brought to life through the fine art digital printing process and manual techniques using special papers that we love. We want our designs to add inspiration, new perspectives, and happiness to the spaces where you live, work, and share moments close to your loved ones. Everything starts from a single line.


Who we are_
Márcio Pontes is a Brazilian graphic designer living and working between Amsterdam and São Paulo. He is inspired by the Modernism and the Concrete Art movements of Brazil. With a constant study in geometry, lines, colors, patterns, compositions, and optical art, the designs result in minimalistic artworks for modern and urban interior design. The designer has developed a collection of images printed on different materials like paper, glass, acrylic, mirrors, and wood. See more of his work on Instagram marciopontes_design


Studio Aboarrage is an independent studio for graphic design based in Amsterdam. The studio is focused on editorial design, brand identities, logos and all kind of printed matter.